Collab/Panda Inquiry for Minecraft-like game

I’m an artist/creative director trying to produce a game, but somehow I don’t know any programmers. I’ve tried to look into other SDK like Unity or GODOT as well. I’m assuming people here like Panda, but I don’t know anything about it. Would it be good for this kind of game? It’s an open world, sandbox adventure, magic and comfort focused game (things like farming, crafting, cooking, etc). One of the reasons I wanted to use Unity was for its ECS system which would help handle my ambition for this to have extensive, vast world generation and complex, dynamic spell effects without compromising performance. Can/does panda do things like that?

If any coders read this and would like to join my project, I’m not committed to any one SDK, and am more interested in building a team with someone who is talented, available, and capable. We already have a full soundtrack written by a really talented composer, and over 100 art assets I’ve already created, so development will go very quickly (you can see more of the art/design at the instagram handle @runelands). I also want to release as soon as it is playable/fun, and not try to fit every single thing in and sit in development hell, and continue developing after release, using any income to support it. I’ve also already developed a portion of the terrain generation code using noise map algorithms too and design the technical solutions/strategies. It uses an adaptive resolution system to generate a seemingly endless vista and performs very well (as far as we’ve been able to develop it). If you’re interested, reply to this post or email me at


Okay, I just saw a render pipeline demo and now I really want to use this.

Hey, welcome and sorry for this belated reply.

For the art, I’m sure you’re aware that there are many more voxel art-styles outside of the standard 8-bit-like “minecraft” art. Would you be willing to work with someone else on their similar project(s), wherein your contribution would be mostly voxel-art-based (the voxel art being more versatile and not limited to just one style) and theirs would be mostly committed to the programming side of things?

I’m only curious.