Coding Program or just 3-D models?

Is this a coding program that comes with 3-D modeling or just a 3-D modeling program?

From the first page of the manual:

It is not a 3-D modeling program. It doesn’t even come with 3-D modeling. You use your favorite 3-D modeling tool to create models, then use Panda to make a game with them.


Panda3D does not do 3D modeling (as in art creation), it is a 3D game engine. Read more here:

Panda provides no 3d modeling tools. You should use seperate ones, like Blender (free & open source) or other commercial programs like Maya (expensive)

Panda provides a sort of ‘blank slate’ of a 3d space. You can place your own models made in external 3d modeling tools in the ‘blank slate’ of a 3d space.

So basically, you can build your game, listen for input from the user, and move your models, play sounds, and play animations when the user gives you input via an input device.

To answer your question appropriately, it is neither.
You could also wikipedia “Game engine” if you’d like a more full explanation as to what most modern day game engines provide and how they work.


So does anyone have any suggestions for a 3-d modeling program? All I have to learn is C++ programming right? Can’t be that hard since there’s a class on it in community college, right?

C++ takes a long time to learn and fully understand.

Panda3D is mainly intended for use with Python.
I would highly recommended that you start with Python instead of C++.
Panda is made in C++ for speed, however the entire core is controlled by Python (for most projects, anyway) and several commercial games have been built this way (Pirates Online, Toontown, and even other commercial MMORPG’s)

I’d especially highly suggest learning Python before C++ especially if you’ve no knowledge in programming.
C++ would be a steep hill for you in that case, even if your community college has a class on it.

Also, I would suggest Blender version 2.49 (since it’s the highest one currently supported for use with Panda3d)
Maya is very expensive, it may be slightly easier, however Blender is completely free and can do everything Maya can as well.

I suggest Blender, it’s really up to you though;
Hope this helps,

I never said I don’t know anything about programming. I know a little bit of web programming and I’m taking a computer programming class this upcoming fall semester in school. So far, I’ve studied, Html, Javascript, Php and CSS, and I know a fair amount of all of them. But, I’ll take a look at Python. Is Python free to download?

Also, I’m trying to make an action RPG game sort of like Dragon Age 2, just to let you know. Have any tips that might guide me into that direction?

Sorry, I meant if you’ve no experience in programming, I really had no idea to be honest. I was saying if.

Yes, Python is a free programming language.

Sort-of as I said before, Panda3d is a ‘blank slate’ and so it can be used to make any type of game, I’ve never seen Dragon Age 2 before, I would suggest going through all the tutorials of Panda3d and understanding the ones that you think are similar to your desired type of game.

Hope this helps you out,

That depends of what kind of software are you looking for.
For open source and free software, Blender is awesome.
For commercial softwares, Maya, 3DSMAX, Modo and Houdini are the most popular.

If you only want to create 3D models, Panda3D isn’t the right tool.

I don’t know : (, sorry.

EDIT: too late xD.

Alright thank you everyone. I think my final question that I’m going to ask is, can we host games with Panda? Or is there an external game we need to host games? If so, do you have any suggestions?

I’m going to guess that by “Can we host games with Panda?” you mean, “Can we have online games with Panda?” then I’m going to say yes.

Panda3d will never host your game servers for you, that’s your job. People normally set up dedicated computers to run server software (that you’ve built using Sockets (wikipedia is your friend) to network your game, eg. player movement etc)

So, yes. You can make online video games using Panda3d. You’re responsible for writing the server software and maintaining the machine that runs it.

This is, of course, how any other game engine would handle this as well. (For instance Unreal Development Kit would never host your FPS game server for you, it would most likely be a security flaw.)
There are paid services for hosting application servers, such as Amazon’s hosting service. Again this is all up to you.

It would probably make more sense in most cases to start with a non-networked game first and then move to networked.

Hope this helps,

Maybe he/she refers to the Panda license.
You are free to sell your games if you want, Panda3D have the BSD license.

You to have follow this conditions in order to distribute your game: