Coded models with imported models

Hi there! My first post, new here.

I have been looking into building a turn based game, and played around with libraries combining python and opengl. Made some spinning cubes, simple basic tutorial stuff.
Then I finally looked into pandas3d, and I now understand how much more easier it can make my life.

I want to make a turn based strategy game, basically I am thinking of an Alpha Centauri clone (1999) as a starting point. The only difference being that I want the world to be on a real round planet. I have ideas for how to program that world, etc.
My question is: on the one hand, I see the benefit of Pandas3D. You import models, and then can move these models around in a 3d space with ease. That part I want to use for sure.
But on the other hand, I want to code my world. Make a map grid, map it to an icosahedron, icosahedron is pushed out to a ball,… Furthermore, the player can change that world at will, change altitude of tiles, maybe water levels will change, etc.
I do not see how I can mix those two easily. Do you have pointers on how to go about doing this? Some people must have dealt with this in the past probably.
A simple example, if it exists, would be great. Also, advice against my plan is also welcome :-). All feedback appreciated.

First of all, welcome! I hope that you enjoy your time here! :slight_smile:

As to you planet, you might want to look into how Panda approaches procedurally-generated geometry–the manual covers the topic starting on this page, I believe.

Otherwise, I think that I’ve seen others on the forum discuss generating and texturing spheres–you might find some useful information if you search for relevant posts or topics. (Presuming that you haven’t done so already, of course.)

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