CLP(ShaderContext):: issue_parameters(GSG *gsg, int altered)

I am not sure when a k_ parameter should be issued. Is it correct to say that this is the only condition?

if(altered && spec._dep[0] || spec._dep[1])
{ ... 
   issue  parameter 

Can I make the assumption that for any k_ parameter (except samplers) _dep is always {Shader::SSD_shaderinputs, Shader::SSD_NONE}?

Thanks a lot

Umn, rather this:

if (altered & (spec._dep[0] | spec._dep[1])) {
  issue parameter

yeah sure, I got confused while typing. thanks by the way.

and also:

int _dep[] = {SSD_general | SSD_shaderinputs, SSD_general | SSD_NONE};