Client in 1.7 Mb ( Twisted )

I’m working on a little game multiplayer online, the client and server use Twisted. I downloaded the game Pirates online and I saw that his client weighs 1.7 Mb, is that the files are hosted on a server and the client starts to download the files needed for the game.
How I can make a client using Twisted of 1.7 Mb Aprox. to distribute my game?
How to compile this client?

Thank you.

Check out the “Distributing Panda3D Applications” section in the manual. When using packp3d you may use “-r twisted” on the command-line and the Panda runtime will automatically download a twisted installation from the server when your application is run for the first time. You may also package your heavy game assets and source code using ppackage and host them on your own web site, and have them automatically downloaded when end-users run your game. All of this is explained in that manual section.