client.ddb and server.ddb


I absolutely didn’t understood how I have to use Downloaddb to make server.ddb and client.ddb can someone tell me please ?

Do i need to do a python script or something like that ?


Not really sure that you need it. The DownloadDb class is really just a simple list of filenames and hashes; you might be better off managing this list yourself, rather than trying to understand this poorly-documented class.


Hmmm, I still want to know how it works please :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. Feel free to read through the code in panda/src/downloader. Let me know what you figure out.


I tried

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from pandac.PandaModules import DownloadDb
file = "test.ddb"
write_client_db(Filename &file);

but it opens a window and it just crashes :blush:

You’re trying to put C++ code in a Python application?

file = Filename("test.ddb")

(That code is still not correct, though.)

So that means this page is for C++ only and there is no python example…

I didn’t find something about DownloadDb on neither…so I’m still stuck.

DownloadDb really isn’t intended for public use. If it were, it would have been better documented. But like I said, you don’t really need to use it for your own application, since it doesn’t do very much useful for you. You’re really better off writing your own code to do what it does–you’ll have the advantage of understanding that code much better.

The only reason I can think of that you might want to know how to use DownloadDb is if you wanted to use it to decode, say, the client.ddb file that Toontown downloads.


Want to know, ok, let’s go :

Toontown France, Brazil and Japan have a problem, they are not able to got an emotion called “salute of the resistance”, we asked Disney and they never wanted to fix it, they still answer it’s in the game and toons don’t know how to have it.

Toons should say “Would you like some help ?” to a clerck but this phrase (and others) doesn’t work.
This bug is present since 4 years and i’m bored to report it again and again…

I uncompiled a file from Toontown :
In there is this code

    load_const       1               # 513
    store_fast       1               # 'helpPhrase'

    load_fast        0               # 'phraseId'
    load_fast        1               # 'helpPhrase'
    compare_op       2               # '=='
    jump_if_false    label_20

    load_deref       0               # 'self'
    load_attr        3               # 'addResistanceEmote'
    call_function    0               # None

    jump_forward     label_1e        


    load_const       0               # None

I removed the jump (or changed the compare_op with !=), compiled it, re-do the mf file, modified the activeX launcher to have it working on my own server but I’m a noob in python and panda and can’t bypass the security which is only in that server.ddb file.

I just need to make my own server.ddb, pzip it upload it on my own server and start the game to have this emotion…

I did the biggest part and i’m stuck on the last part !

Help :’(

Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help you hack into Toontown.


No worries, I’ll find :wink:

You do realize that hacking into your Toontown client is a violation of your terms of service and probably illegal, right? And I do mean jail-time illegal, especially if you’re sharing the results of your hacks with other people. It doesn’t matter what color your hat is.

For the record, the Toontown International team assures me that the resistance salute has been working just fine for the past 1.5 years. Lots of toons in-game already have it, and they didn’t need to hack their clients to get it.


xD So try yourself or ask french, japanese or brazilian players. Only UK/US players have it.

Anyway, it’s done with an hexadecimal editor, my server.ddb is now working, took me 6 hours but … the bug is somewhere else, I still don’t have the emotion with the fix (whereas it works fine on the US game, I can say “you stink” and still receive the emotion) I’ll have to search more.

And about hacking, they don’t care, I reported a lot of really big issues to Toontown US (XSS, access to devs servers, making full accounts for free…) and they never fixed them, just answered me it will be fixed but that was one year ago…

Can’t find a way to fix it myself.

I think I will make a worldwide petition with japaneses, brazilians and frenchs players, Toons of the world unite as said in the emotion :wink:

Petition started yesterday, 70 toons (one/account) signed it in two days ! I’m trying to have more japaneses and brazilians players to sign it too.

The petition will be send to all TT supports by mail and by postal mail to Disney UK.

If YOU are a brazilian, french or japanese player and CAN’T have the Resistance salute emotion because Whisperin Willow don’t give you it whereas you tried the correct phrase, please sign the petition.

UK players have a free full french account, if you are a UK player please make a french toon and visit Michu Chotte, say her “Tu veux de l’aide ?” and if it doesn’t work (it will not), please sign the petition too.

DON’T talk about it in game or it would be against Toontown rules.
TALK about it by msn, email,…


Please stop posting to the Panda3d forums about your issues with Toontown. We have nothing to do with Toontown, other than that we are the graphics engine that drives it.