Clearing Texture from Sub Object

KK = self.Art.findAllMatches("**/object1")
print str(KK)

No error occurs with the above code, but the texture stage set to the object found within the actor does not clear.

I noticed hide and show will work. So is it impossible to clear a texture stage off of a sub object (of an actor) :question:

I attached an object on to an exposed joint of an actor, in which the object received the texture stage settings of the actor.

clearTexture still will not work for the object attached.

Is there any way to clear the texture stage of an actor, off of an object attached to it?

The only solution I found was setting the shader to off for the attached object.

Not what I wanted; what I did want was to be able to set a different texture stage to the attached object and not have it effect the actor…just like I didn’t want the actor’s TS to effect the object.

I guess this is an API limitation for P3D.

I don’t really know the difference between these two, but there’s also the method setTextureOff(), if you pass a TextureStage as its argument, only that texture will get cleared.

from panda3d.core import *
import direct.directbase.DirectStart

parent = loader.loadModel('panda')

child = loader.loadModel('smiley')

ts = TextureStage('ts')
texture = loader.loadTexture('maps/circle.png')
parent.setTexture(ts, texture)

base.accept('enter', lambda: child.setTextureOff(ts))