Clearing ConfigVariables

Having a bit of trouble here…
I’m trying to load up multiple PRC files so that I can get keys to bind to various functions.

	def __genBindList(self,tool):
		cv = ConfigVariableList('bind')
		# goes on to play with messenger and junk

So I run through this a couple of times, but because all of the prc files use the ‘bind’ variable, the next ‘tool’ that gets run through will add to the last variable list. I’ve tried clearing it a couple of ways, and looked through all of the Config*.h/.I files, but I really don’t have enough experience to know what the hell I’m looking at :stuck_out_tongue:


What you can do is save the result of loadPrcFile(), so you can unload it later, like this:

self.prc = loadPrcFile(MYDIR+'/Config/Default/'+tool+'.prc')
self.prc = None


Oh… damn haha… didn’t notice unloadPrcFile… Alright, thanks man…