Clearing Cached Models

Hey everyone, so I just had a quick question on how I can manually clear my cache. I am having the exact same issue as this fellow Panda3D user here:

He says he simply says “To correct this, I have to manually clear the model-cache.” However, unless I am mistaken, he never elaborates what this entails. Could someone please inform me? Thank you!

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On Linux, the model-cache is stored in ~/.cache/panda3d. On Windows, it is in C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\Panda3D-1.10\cache, I believe. You can simply delete the files in these folders.

You can also put model-cache-dir (without arguments) on a line on its own in your Config.prc file to disable the model-cache altogether.

Perfect, I did this and it worked! My model is back to normal now. Thank you!

P.S. If anyone is reading this, since I am using osx, my path was


If for some reason it is different for whoever may need this, your path can always be found in the Config.prc at the bottom on the line detailed “model-cache-dir”

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