cleanest way to get models into panda3d

which is the most proven, hassle free way of getting a model in panda3d?
i have tried, milkshape to .x, maya 4.5 to .egg, maya 4.5 to .x, i even tried to load a sample model from the direct x sdk with no avail.

what is everybody using out there, as soon as i can get the right way to configure an exporter i can get moving forward here.

thank you all so much.

Blender + Chicken here.

Maya to egg should be a reliable pipline (I know 8.5 is). I may be wrong but I think Disney used Maya.

Apart from that Blender + Chicken (just not the newest Blender) is the best kept exporter with most features.

The 3Dsmax exporter is good for static geometry, actors animated with bones (and they have to be bone-bones or biped, no dummies, no geometry, no helpers) and with a single UV set.

thank you guys, i will give blender a try.

For now use Blender 4.49, the Chicken exporter doesn’t work on the version 5. But in Panda 1.8.x will be a native collada (.dae) support, and we will be able to use the new Blender.

He is talking about blender 2.49m which has working exporter.
And when panda gets fully working collada support, you will be able to use blender 2.5X. Actually you will be able to use about any modeling app that you like, because collada is sort of standard 3d format.

great info guys,
it is quite frustrating to spend 90% of the time fighting these setups and 10% coding.


If you want to save that 90% you can read the manual. :wink: For example, from this section: