„Clean Cycling Sport“ - New Cycling Game!

I’m proud to present you my first big video game project „Clean Cycling Sport“. The idea arised from my passion for cycling and my dream of a fully clean and fair sport competition. I made the game in a few months with zero budget, thanks to the fantastic Panda3D-Engine and Blender!
Of course the game is not really finished and can be further developed. Constructive advices for improvement or any other support are appreciated;)

Here, you can see a screenshot:

You can also view a short trailer on YouTube:

At last, I want to give thanks to Python, Panda3D, Blender and their communities!!


Hello! I wish you good luck. Even, like this is the first game about bicycles (on the forum) panda3d. Here’s what I would like to add to your game:

  1. Online game
  2. Models of people can be made not in blender but in the MakeHuman program. And can you link to your game’s github repasitory, if you have one?

Hi! Congratulations, it is really nice so far!

Some feedback:

  • if the video is not for developers (strictly), perhaps it is better to remove the fps indicator
  • if you add the shadows the graphics would gain a lot
  • you may add some inertia to the camera when the player steers
  • you may add some “variety” to the game (e.g. more animations, more colors for the bikes, more models for trees and flowers…)

Anyway, congratulations!

Thank you!

  1. Yes, an online version would be great, but at the moment I’ve no idea how it works. Is there a detailed description in the documentation of panda3d?

  2. Very nice, my first look of the MakeHuman program looks great and maybe it can solve my problem creating many different characters in fairly short time! Sorry, I haven’t a github repository so far…

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Thank you very much;)

  1. Agree;)
  2. Also agree, I had troubles to get it working on my Mac Mini M1. The same problem with image post-processing filters. With the same code it worked fine on my old MacBook (Sierra).
  3. Could be look better, I have to try it.
  4. Totally Agree, just a lot of work;)
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Still, I think you could use to create a repository. It will help your game develop more. The documentation is there. Here is the link - Networking — Panda3D Manual. But for a beginner in this game engine, I think this is not enough. The forum is full of examples of online games. Here is a chat example - GitHub - brthor/Panda3D-Multiplayer-Chat: Simple Client Server Networking framework for Panda3D game engine.
How do I create a player mapping? I remember a lot of online shooters were written in panda3d. For example, a fresh online game. There is both a chat and a display of players. Just replace the player models and mechanics. Here is a link to this game too - GitHub - fireclawthefox/AnkandoraLight: An adventure board game for 1-4 players.
But once again I warn you - for a start, it’s better to just make a chat. Maybe while
you will get a local network and not an online game. But, for a beginner, this is normal. To the github location you can use launchpad. But I recommend github. It is more convenient (this is my opinion, please do not criticize).

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