what’s the best way to draw a circle in panda? I want something that will look cirlce-ish at different scales - should I just make a pretty hires model, or is there a way to implement an ellipse or circle function?

model.setRenderMode(RenderModeAttrib.MWireframe, 5)

could work.
The number is the tickness of the lines.
Note that the tickness doesn’t take resolution into account so at any resolution it will have the same pixel tickness.

If you mean a filled circle not being blocky at any distance youll just need to make it more high poly.
I’m not sure if panda3d can draw nurbs surfaces.

EDIT: Oh, right, you can also set different LOD models for different camera distances. You can do that in code but the .egg format supports it. Blenders exporter can do LOD but I don’t know if other exporters can. If you just want to load a single circle this can be waste of time (just make it highpoly).

There’s no native circle object. You could use a Rope or whatever, but you’re probably better off just making a hi-res model.