I compiled my chromiumOS and I was wondering how I would go about getting the runtime to work on that OS. Im not sure what tools I would need to use to compile it from source, unless one of the existing builds can install onto it.

I think this should go in “Compiling and Installing Panda3D.”
Plus, I think that’s a webOS, right? So Panda won’t work on it, period.

Why couldn’t it work? It’s based on Ubuntu, and we have a web plugin, so…

The problem I am looking at is that I can’t seem to get a package manager to work when I enter the shell so there is no way I can download anything. I just posted to see what I would have to do if I can figure this out

It’s based on Ubuntu? I didn’t know that :blush:

In that case, try apt-get. Usage:

sudo apt-get install <package name here>

You’ll need to supply the administrator’s password. If you’re already under the administrator account (root), then omit the word sudo.

haha, I use ubuntu but I think it got changed to the gentoo package manager because they talk about portage a lot. But when I try to use it bash cant find it

You could always install the required packages otherwise and build Panda3D from source.

I was thinking about that but I need to mess around with it more