Choose a GUI for my project

Hello everyone,

I have questions about the interface to use in my project, either DirectGui, Tkinter or PyQt. I have a very big preference for PyQt. The problem is that I use the render pipeline and I didn’t manage to use it with QPanda (see this post), … with Panda3D on its own no problem but the render pipeline does not pass using QPanda , … if someone could really help me with this, that would be great!

Furthermore I would like to know if using DirectGui (or Tkinter) it is possible to have the world and the interface in a single block, a single window (and not separated into different windows).

Hoping you can help me…

I can’t help with most of your question–I don’t really use Tkinter or PyQt, I’m afraid.

However, this I can perhaps in part address:

If I understand you correctly, then with DirectGUI at least this is the default behaviour: DirectGUI widgets appear within the main window of the program, “on top of” the 3D scene.

(Again, I don’t know about Tkinter, I’m afraid.)

Thank you for your answer.

I have my habits with PyQt5 but if I have to use DirectGui, it will be with pleasure!
What I really want is for the 3D scene to be next to or below the DirectGui widgets and not before (for the 3D scene and the widgets to be in the same plane ; in the main window). I would like to control the 3D scene directly with the widgets so that we can directly see the changes in the 3D scene (the world).

Is it possible? and if so can you help me with this?

I’m not sure that I understand quite what you want. Let me ask:

When you say “in the same plane”, do you mean–as you follow with–in the same window? Or not just in the same window, but at the same distance from the camera in 3D space? Or something else…?

And when you say that you want the 3D scene to be “next to or below” the GUI, do you mean in terms of layout–with the GUI being to the top or to one side of the window, with the 3D scene occupying the rest of the space? Or something else…?

That should just be a matter of making changes to the 3D scene in the callbacks associated with the widgets.

For information on those callbacks, see the manual’s section on DirectGUI–which should start on this page. Specifically, the callbacks in question are generally the “command” keyword-parameters used in constructing DirectGUI widgets.

Yes in the same window (in the main window).

Yes I’d like the GUI to be to the top or to one side of the window, with the 3D scene occupying the rest of the space.

Yes I see the “command” keyword-parameters.

Fair enough! In that case, well, as I said before, that’s the default for DirectGUI!

Fair enough again–that should just be a matter of placing the GUI and the 3D elements as you desire.

Good good!

In other words: what you describe should be very much possible with DirectGUI, I believe!