Chicken R81, no materials

I’ve been using chicken and blender for a while now, and just recently I can’t seem to get Chicken to export my blender materials. I’m not sure why this started happening. I haven’t recently changed versions on anything as far as I know. Let me know if anyone else had this problem and/or how to fix it.


Working good for me… Chicken is not exporting if you put a material with only a red color for example, you need to add a tex.
Aren’t you forgetting to check UV ?
At worst, replace your current chicken by a new download.

After several hours, we discovered that at some point, my materials in Blender had been assigned to Object in stead of ObjectData. Chicken ignores materials assigned to Objects (In the material window, just below the material name there are two buttons: OB and ME. Make sure the material appears while the ME button is checked)

Thank you though.