Chicken gone crazy pview and materials

Dear folks,

Given: Blender Cube with Material



Chicken 1.0

exports to an .egg with Material



but the green Marble is missing

pview shows the Chrome Cube

Chicken R56

does the same with the materials

but pview throws an error:

loader: Couldn’t load /m/Panda3D-1.5.4.egg does not exist

So please advice …

I’ll have to admit I’m not sure what your asking - your message is a bit confused. We are going to need more detail to be able to help though - its unclear how you have multiple materials on this mesh. How about you describe exactly what you are doing? As for that bug, I’m not sure what is happening there, but it really shouldn’t!

I will try to clarify myself:

I tried to export a blender file with a simple cube and a not default material; the egg that was laid had a different material <Metall_ColoredChrome> and not the material I wanted to export.

After reinstalling ChickenR56 I got rid of this part of my problem but still persisting is that pview opens an empty.egg and tells me in the Blender console:

Loading c/…/…/…/.egg
:loader: couldn’t load file c/…/… .egg

it seems to me that the parsing of the filename is broken


Ah, old versions shouldn’t be used anyway - glad its not a current bug! How about you send me the egg file? E-mail is - I can have a look at it and figure out why it doesn’t work. Before you do that though just make sure the filename is only using ascii characters - I don’t know if Panda has support for other character sets for filenames.