Chicken Exporter for Blender

I’ve downloaded the current Chicken Exporter but could not get it to work in Blender.
When I select Export > Chicken 1.0 ,error “no module named webbrowser” comes up.
Has anyone encountered this kind of error in the past? Thank you.

Ive never seen this error before for chicken, but it means that it cant find the webbrowser module (obviously). Open up IDLE or whatever and type in “import webbrowser”. See if it gives you an error.
Maybe you need to set your PYTHONPATH

I had this error message too, after installing the latest Blender release for Windows (2.44). The problem has been that Blender 2.44 looks for Python 2.5 now, and I still had Python 2.4 (the same version Panda3D uses) installed.

So either downgrade to Blender 2.43 or upgrade Python to 2.5.1. Panda3D ships with it’s own Python interpreter (ppython.exe), so no problems here.


or simply (I do it, I was so tired and with a low very low bandwidth) copy the follow files from Panda3D-1.3.2/python/Lib to .blender/scripts:

isn’t right but works…

and why doesn’t export materials?! how I can put a texture to my blender model? or better who i do textures in blender, sorry I’m newbie on it :wink:

The best place to start being new to blender is the wonderful video tutorials which you can access via blenders HELP menu at top of blender user interface

Help , then Tutorials

This is just a place of reference for you but I’d prob. suggest this one as a new person to blender:

here: and called material indices.

To put a texture though on a given face you go here: … l&tutid=85

good luck and have fun :wink: