Chicken error

I pasted the chicken file in the scripts folder,
but each time I click on it it gives the error message:

python scripts error: check console.

What should I do?

Which file? There should be more files. Check this.

The folder chicken_exportR91

No, you’ve to put the contents of that folder in the scripts folder. Namely, you should have inside scripts; and the files inside bpydata and bpymodules of the zip file must go into the bpydata and bpymodules folders inside scripts.

I tried that too, it didn’t work

you install a full python?

How about checking the console?
You could post the error from the console window here. That would help us a lot.

By the way, you do know that chicken only works with Blender 2.4x, don’t you?
It won’t work with newer Blender versions. Use YABEE for Blender 2.5x.

but I’m afraid I don’t even know what the console is.

What operating system are you on?
Windows, Mac, Linux or other?


Okay. Well, I’m not sure how newer Blender versions behave on Windows, but you could start blender with “–start-console”.

I guess you start Blender through a shortcut. Go to the properties of that and where you see a path to blender.exe just change that to (…)\blender.exe --start-console.

This should start a black window with white text in it along with Blender and in that window you should see some informations.

Thanks for replying,
but unfortunately it didn’t work.

I have finally worked out what the console is.
With the 2.4x versions of blender it appears simultaneously with the ‘normal’ window.
It turnes out I needed a 2.x version of python,
not a 3.x one.

Actually each Blender comes with a leightweight Python.

So are you using Blender 2.4x now?
I thought you were using 2.5x. That’s what I asked a few posts above :-/

I’m very new to Panda3D and I want to learn how to use it,
I thought that I could best learn while thrying it out with ‘real’ models.
When I read that they had only just started on an exporter for Blender 2.5,
I decided to try Chicken…