Chicken Egg Exporter issue

Hello, I just downloaded the Chicken Egg exporter for Blender. The issue is the exported mesh is rendered with plain colours, white and light green, instead of being rendered with the textures I applied to the mesh in Blender.

I opened the .egg file with a text editor to check if the exporter parsed the textures and I found the following:

Walls {
FloorCeiling {

These are the textures I’m using on the mesh, but the final .egg file isn’t rendered properly in Panda3D. This is the code I’ve got in Python to load the world:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

#Load the world
environ = loader.loadModel("/home/jeanne/blender/maps/supermarket/supermarket.egg")


If any of you have experienced the same issue or might guess what I’m doing wrong, please post a reply.

Thanks in advance.

Ok nevermind. I asked on IRC. The solution was to apply textures via UV-Mapping, and not by creating new materials and textures and loading them from files via the Blender UI.