Chicken - Blender: export linked 3d object.

Hi, first post for me :wink:

My simple (I hope) question is: how can i export linked objects from a “.blend” file in a “.egg” (or “.mf”) one?

For “linked 3d objects” I mean a blender group linked in a “.blend” file from another one with “Append or Link” feature (from the Blender “File” menu).

I’ve created a map with a lot of 3d objects linked from other “.blend” files with the “link” option but when I try to export it in a “.egg” file all linked groups are written like this:

<Group> hotel1.1 {
  <Transform> {
    <Matrix4> {
      -0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000
      -1.000000 -0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
      0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000
      63.829678 -86.834549 0.180000 1.000000
  <ObjectType> { model }

without vertex and face informations.

So, please, help me.

Thank you!

I think there is NO way to do that with chicken.

What we did (we did not use chicken) is exported the models in “contain everything format” and stripped them apart into different objects. The important part is nameing convention.

Look at Iron Angles - it has code for doing this.

Oh great! Thanks a lot!

But…where? I’ve searched around the forum and on IA website but i’ve not found sources.

Thank you.