Chicken 71b with B 2.49


I downloaded Blender 2.49, but something wrong is with it, the blender directory does not have the .blender and script folder, and no export scripts founds, well, i created this directory, and copy chicken into it, then configured in preference tab the path to it…

Chicken exporter appear in the list of export, but when i try execute it does not work, check console for see problems…

Someone has the same problem ?, or maybe do i must to return 2.48 ,

EDITED : Looking into old releases, i found an ftp server where is a deb installer for ubuntu 9.04 … and this ran very well…

Current release works fine with Blender 2.49 - from the sound of things you are not installing it correctly. Chicken is not just the script file - it is also the two directories which it requires to run, and it asks blender where those directories should be. By creating your own directories blender is undoubtedly given Chicken the wrong location, so it fails to find the extra data and crashes. You need to put Chicken in the right folder - there are several places it can be, which are listed in the installation guide.

Hey, i’ve been working with this version and i exported a model thru it.Problem is, no texture shows :frowning: is it just me?

To diagnose that problem, here’s what you need to do:
Edit your egg file with a text editor. See if you can spot a entry. If there is one, you just need to make sure the path points correctly to your texture and that the texture is also moved along with the model.
If not:
(1) Make sure your model is properly UV-unwrapped
(2) Make sure that the texture in the material is mapped from “UV”, not from “Orco”. If you have multiple UV-sets, be sure to choose the right one.
(3) Make sure it is mapped to “Col”.
(4) Make sure it’s a real texture image, not a procedural texture.
(5) Make sure that it shows up in blender render (if you added lights)

OK, that problem is solved. it was actually the collision bounds. So apparently thats the problem. In panda the collision is shown as a white box around the model. Any way to fix that?

Select the object in question, in blender. In the Logic (F4) panel, create a new Property called “Collide” with type “String” and value “Polyset descend”. That should mark it as collideable, invisible geometry.

Should I type in “Polyset descend” into the part marked “Name: prop” in Blender?