Chat game?

Hi. I would like to know if there’s a way to code a chat game in which every user or client can host a room or join one, so that in every room there would be the possibility to talk just as an istant messenger client.
Is there any tutorial or something like that?
And, I apologize for my bad english.

Thank you all in advance.


hi, and welcome to panda3d.

about your questions.that’s less a question of panda3d. its general network programming. but yes you can do something like that. you might want to study the already existing networking stuff like IRC and jabber and the likes.
adding grafic is no big deal. you could even re-use an existing irc server and introduce new “/commands” for updating positions of clients. its a bit un-efficient thought but might work.
ages ago there was a chat-sample floating around but i doubt it will be of use for you. i would provide you with some old code of mine which also has the possibility of chatting between players. but the code is, well a big , undocumented mess. so it will only confuse you.

First of all… thank you. I think that you’re right that was a general network question… I’ll try to do something by myself. Panda3d supports also networking or things like that? I’m gonna check that.

Thank you anyway =)

panda has some pretty neat networking classes buildin featuring things like disconnect detection and stuff like that. but you can also use all the python stuff like sockets and the likes.

Ok, perfect. :slight_smile:
Thank you again for your help Thomas.