Character's feet on terrain.


What is the best way to control the Z-Axis of character’s feet?
If I doesn’t handle this.
When the character stand on the slope I will see his feet float from or infiltrate through the floor.

AT first I try to use IK-Solvers from 3Dsmax but Panda3D seem to export only Bones, not IK-solver.

Can I control or refer to the IK-solvers in Panda program?
Or anyone has an idea to handle the character’s feet?

Thanks in advance.

  • Ola -

I happen to have this link laying around about how to do it in unreal engine, interesting read:

As for panda, if you have the ground height and slope at the point in question, you can probably work out some ankle bone rotation to do it.

An interesting approach: blended partial animations: Have an animation for the various ankle/foot positions for a forward/backward slope, and another one for side to side slope, and then use the ground derivative to choose the frame and blend factors for both. That could help deal with various slope related posture effects other than feet too.

Warning: I’ve never really done something like this, I’ve never made animations, and I have a long history of coming up completely impractical ideas.

Thanks for reply.

I will try bone rotation as your suggestion.
And I will update the result soon.

Thank you very much.

  • Ola -