Character Models from an abondened Rpg.

Hey guys since we recently abandoned a rpg project to move on a
arcade game i made this pack. And wonder if any Panda 3D users
are interested in it…

I will upload even more models that were created for our abandoned rpg
in the next weeks.



Well, I would be interrested but you charge download fees… This is an open-source engine. Not a commercial one. So… I’m not trying to be a little b*tch here but shouldn’t you be posting commercial stuff on a forum for commercial models?? Or am I missing something?


Just for the record, “open source” does not imply “non-commercial”. There are several commercial projects, most notably Disney’s Toontown Online, that use Panda as its core graphics engine.

There certainly may be users who are developing a commercial title using Panda and who might be interested in licensing models from a professional agency. So I think it is a perfectly reasonable offer.