Character Collision Solid

I’ve used Panda3D quite a bit, and made some significant progress. I’ve been working on an FPS framework that I can build a game off of later on. One thing that has me irked though, is the poor collision solids to choose from for the character.

Now, I know what almost everyone will say, “Use a Sphere!” well, no, because my character isn’t 2m wide. I want my character against a wall when it collides, not far from it. To get around this I’ve stacked collision spheres on top of one another to get a tall and narrow solid, but this introduces spots where things can slip through between sphere.

What I really want to use is a capsule, but it seems that it’s not meant to be a “from” solid. SO I pose the question, what have you done to avoid this, what I see as, fairly common problem?

I havent played with anything shoot base in many years but I do remember the popular alternative was boxes, have you tried that?

The box was just recently added and I haven’t found any documentation on it, so I’m not really sure what it can be used for.