Chaos Gate - Blue glowing effect

How would I create this blue glowing effect from the chaos gate (from the anime .hack//SIGN) an example of what I am looking for Youtube Cliky and an image, the effect I am looking for is the blue glow inside the round spinning circule in the background of the video.

I would also be interested in the teleportation effect, any thoughts on how to create that effect would be welcome aswell.

how about a plane with a transparent/animated texture? if you use lights you could use glowmaps. visual effects just take some time to get it look good.

Yeah, most of the time that’s how this sort of effect is simulated, just an alpha-blended overlay. If you want the glow to not be occluded by the ring, you could render it in a fixed bin so that it always appears over the ring – But then it would also appear over anything else, so depending on your camera placement this might not be the most optimal.

Probably the easiest would be to use the animated texture idea. If you are using HDR bloom, the effect will be further enhanced.

Thank you for your answers I will have a play around with this now. I’ll be back :slight_smile: