Changing the default Panda3D Directory


I’m moding the Panda source code to make my own engine and I just want to know if it’s possible to change C:\Panda3D-(version) to C:\MyEngine, and if so how?


  • Caleb

That directory is just set by the NSIS installer. You can set it to whatever you want by editing the NSIS scripts.

Any particular reason you want to make your own engine?



I mainly want to do it for the experience, but my team isn’t very experienced with this kind of stuff and I want to make it as easy on them as possible.

and this wont mess with any of the libraries?

You need to set this in the build script In that file, find this line:

        MakeInstallerNSIS("Panda3D-"+VERSION+".exe", "Panda3D", "Panda3D "+VERSION, "C:\\Panda3D-"+VERSION)

You can change the last parameter to be whatever you want.

No, this should not mess with any of the libraries - the install directory is changeable while installing anyways, I believe. (This just changes the default.)

When making a fork of the engine, make sure you abide to the rules of the license.