Change textures of only certain materials on a model

New to Panda and trying to get my artwork to work in it to test it out. I ran into something I can’t figure out how to do.

I have models with multiple materials/textures applied to them… They load into panda fine and I see all my materials/textures but the problem is I want to change 1 of those textures/materials to another texture…

setTexture(tex,1) seems to replace ALL materials with the texture used. I want to replace just one materials texture though.

Just to give an idea what I’m doing. I have character models with textured armor pieces, the pieces need to change as certain armor is equipped, just changing textures not attaching models.

Thanks for any help!

Hi! I think that it depends on how you’ve organized your assets: you may have several texture stages, several shader inputs, several submodels with their textures, … It would help if you may replicate your issue in a minimal example and use it for asking you question, so you may get suggestions for your exact case.