change gui of DirectScrolledList

I would like to add a scroll list to my demo. The DirectScrolledList comes with a primitive arrow. How can I use my own images for the scroll arrow ?

Anyone have a complete example for directgui, with a better customized look ? I am wondering if I should make my own, or use treegui, or use the directgui if it can be made to look more professional. see the file ending in
might not be very artistic but at least shows you how to load your own scrolled list with custom buttons

I got a 404 error. The file seems not available ? …

url is case sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

jeah sorry. typo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the link.

It looks quite strange. It is quite unique to implement a GUI in this way.

Shall I pick treeform’s treegui as a base or there are other suggestions / choices ?


I am working on a “base layer” for 2D HUD/GUI rendering. At a later point I may write a GUI library on top of it, but for now my aim is to create a generic pixel-based module that others can easily extend for their own projects (from GUIs to simple 2D games).

It is nearly ready for release, and only needs some minor tweaks. I’ll commit an early version to SVN some time tomorrow (edit: today, technically), and post the link.