Change cursor & OSX

Hi all,

I have a problem trying to change the cursor in OSX. I am
using the following function, and it does not work:

def changeMouseCursor(self,cursorFile):


Perhaps, it is a bug in OSX or it is not implemented. I do not know.

I am using latest release (one week ago) from the CVS.
Any idea?

Right, sorry, this feature is not yet implemented in OSX. However, you can set the cursorHidden property, and then use base.mouseWatcherNode.setGeometry() to make a piece of arbitrary Panda3D geometry track the mouse pointer. See this thread for further discussion on this.



I had already read that thread. I wanted to be sure it was not

an error in the OSX version.
Again, thank you David.

I tried setting cursorHidden before creating my main window, but the cursor is still visible on OSX. If I print out after the base.openDefaultWindow(…) call, cursor_hidden is indeed set on. Any ideas?