Centring the window on the monitor

I would like to use the “win-origin” config-variable to centre a game-window on the screen. However, under a dual-monitor setup its behaviour seems inconsistent: When the window is decorated, the variable works pretty much as one might expect. However, when the window is undecorated, it ends up centred within the full dual-monitor region, and thus split between the two monitors.

(I think that this was the reason that I chose the value of “-1” for the horizontal value of this config-variable in A Door to the Mists.)

What platform is this on? And I assume this is when specifying -2 to both arguments of win-origin?

Ah, sorry! This is under Ubuntu Linux (18.04.3).

Yup–I think that I always have “-2” as my value for vertical positioning, and alter only my value for horizontal positioning.

Could you file this one on GitHub, please?

Sure–and done! :slight_smile: