Centos 7 Installation


I tried to compiled the last version of Panda3D to generate de rpm and install it in Centos7 with the command:
python3.6 makepanda/makepanda.py --everything --installer --no-egl --no-gles --no-gles2 --no-opencv

Then I received the error:

[ 54%] Linking executable built/bin/pview
built/lib/libpandaegg.so: undefined reference to `PointerTo::PointerTo()’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Storing dependency cache.
Elapsed Time: 5 sec
The following command returned a non-zero value: g++ -o built/bin/pview -Lbuilt/lib -Lbuilt/tmp built/tmp/pview_pview.o built/lib/libp3framework.so built/lib/libpandaegg.so built/lib/libpanda.so built/lib/libpandaexpress.so built/lib/libp3dtool.so built/lib/libp3dtoolconfig.so -pthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib -ldl

Has anyone been able to compile it for centos?

Best regards,

I compile it periodically for CentOS 5 (Manylinux1) without any problem, but I always use --optimize 1 (or above). Without --optimize I get errors related to inline constructors. (But I guess this is because the compiler of CentOS 5 is outdated, but you may have the same problem)