Cell Shading and color

hi community,
i’m a newby in using Panda3D (i started 2 weeks ago), and i have some problems using the cell shading
In fact, I use the shaders i found in my usr/share/Panda3D/sample, particulary these of Cell-Shading tutorial (with nik the dragon)
When I use it with my egg models created with blender the colors have some problem
If i create a model with no color and i use setColor to colored it, I lost the color when I started the shader …
The only way to have the good color with my shader is to colord my mesh egg with the atribute {1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0} (for exemple with red)
Could you help me


as far as i know the example model was colored using vertex colors. blender has a vertex-color-paint mode. try painint in this mode and use chicken to export.
no garantuee but could work :slight_smile:

I don’t have much in the way of Blender skills, but I’ve been playing with Wings3d and the cartoon shader example. Wings has a “Vertex Color” function, but it does nothing when exported as .x and then into an .egg. (The color data is nowhere in the .egg) Setting up materials works great. :slight_smile: