celestia-like planatarium

I’m trying to make a Celestia-like application where the sun is the origin of the scene and the nearby stars placed. Does panda have a function for placing objects using right assention, declination (latitude and longitude) and distance, or am I going to need to bust out the trig?

I have a realistic star module as part of my game engine, and I used trig to handle latitude / longitude / Global positioning.

I doubt panda has built in methods for that, although I could well be wrong.

What do you mean? Isn’t H and P the same thing as longitude and latitude?


@drwr, sorry, to specify: I used trig to calculate / convert a longitude and lattitude to the right HPR to match my skydome. (the math being based arbitrarily on how I created my skydome)


i have written importers for some of the Celestia star formats. Want to team up on this project?

Hmm on the other hand they where all deleted in the recent crash.

treeform, awesome! When i started writing my code, I actually thought “now how convenient would it be to import Celestia data…” however I never bothered looking into it.

Instead, I used Celestia / Cartes du Ciel (google it) to take some high res screenshots of the sky, stitched them together in gimp, and used them as textures for a north and south hemisphere skysphere.

Damn. I’m in uni atm and kinda busy, but if they magically show up again in the future, be sure to let me know!