Cartoon Shader Example x my texture


I got the cartoon shader example and change the model loaded for my model to test the effect. Works fine, but my texture not is loaded together the model.

I tried export the .blend file to .egg from /models folder of sample, but also dont work.

By mcunha98 at 2009-07-19

Here the texture file (.jpg) in same folder:

By mcunha98 at 2009-07-19

The cartoon shader effect have restrictions how use the texture in model (for example, it accept only vertex colors ) ?

Here the model with texture:

By mcunha98 at 2009-07-11

The shader used in the Advanced cartoon shader sample does not respect textures. Either alter the shader to use your texture, or use the Basic sample, which uses the Shader Generator.

Thanks pro-rsoft !!!

Works fine…

By mcunha98

Now I’ll study the effects to improve the result (see eyes region…)

Another question, is possible I project a shadow for player using this shader ?

By mcunha98

The 1.7.0 release of Panda3D makes this very easily possible, but you do need to wait until it’s released, or use a CVS snapshot.

No problem…I’ll wait