cartoon-shader basic fails, advanced works, fireflies fails

hi folks,

i ran across problems with the sample programs Tut-Cartoon-Basic and Tut-Fireflies and both complained about my graphics card or driver not supporting the stuff needed, but at least Tut-Cartoon-Advanced works.
My graphics card is very probably indeed “strong” enough for the samples and i can’t believe it wouldn’t support multiple rendering targets; it’s a nvidia gf8800GT (running on linux).
The glow sample works, though and so does the motion blur one.

ThomasEgi confirmed the error with a gf6600gt and linux as well.

Glancing over the code, the “problem” seems to be a call to makeOutput every time.

As an aside: the shadow map sample segfaults :frowning:

driver issue we debug them once every 2 weeks. Please look over all the other posts and tell us why your problem is different or why their fixes did not work.