Can't use OdeGeom.getId()

For some reason, OdeGeom doesn’t appear to actually provide the getId() method. I’m using the panda3d_1.6.2-ubuntuhardy_i386.deb package, and when I try to call getId() with an OdeGeom object, I get

AttributeError: ‘libpandaode.OdeGeom’ object has no attribute ‘getId’

When I run

from pandac.PandaModules import *

From the interactive python interperter, I don’t see it either. This seems really odd, since in

/usr/share/panda3d/pandac/input/ I see
901 6 get_id 4 1252 15 OdeGeom::get_id 0 1 280 246
// Function: OdeGeom::get_id
// Access: Published
// Description: Returns the underlying dGeomID.
inline dxGeom *OdeGeom::get_id(void) const;

Does this method exist for other people using 1.6.2? It’s pretty important for me. I need it to efficiently get from colliding OdeGeoms to the characters they are for. Otherwise, I need to loop through all the possible geoms and test if they are equal.

In 1.7.0, I note that this has been changed to return a dGeomID instead of a dxGeom pointer. Perhaps this change was intended to solve this problem. (If dxGeom isn’t a known type, then there’s no way to expose get_id(), so interrogate will be forced to omit the function.)

So, perhaps your best solution here is to upgrade to 1.7.0.