Cant Start The Program

Like it says on the tutorial I created an empty file and in the cmd panel opened with ppython. But nothing happens. A window flashes thats all.

Which tutorial are you following? From what I see, The one in the manual doesn’t indicate that you should create an empty file; instead it provides a few lines–a short program–to copy into the file before running it.

Thanks. Now I can run it. But as a beginner, from this page … ur_Program that is what I understood.

Hmm… I think that I see what you mean, although that section doesn’t read that way at all to me. Note in particular that the page doesn’t appear to say at any point that you should create the file, nor does it indicate what should–or shouldn’t–be included in the file: it assumes that you already have a file.

Indeed, if you look at the contents page, note that the page to which you linked isn’t actually part of the tutorial: that starts on the next page (“A Panda3D Hello World Tutorial”). The page to which you linked appears to be intended to teach a process for running a Panda program, not provide a tutorial for making one.