Cant get chicken to work

I have blender 2.7, I installed the chicken exporter into the folders like the docs said, but it wont show up in the exporter menu, are there any other file formats that panda can use? or only .egg?

Which version? :open_mouth:

Check if your Blender version is supported by Chicken, afaik you must have Blender version <= 2.49.

Afaik egg is the format that Panda reads (it also reads bam files, but they’re an optimized version of egg files, so this doesn’t solve your problem).

There’s no such thing as Blender 2.7, so I suppose what you mean in Blender 2.57. The Blender 2.5 line is currently not supported, so you’re stuck with 2.49 as we all are.

There’s currently no alternative to the egg format and no viable pipeline of any kind between Blender 2.5 and the egg format.

yeah sorry its 2.57, will 2.49b work? I used to have that one

Yes, Blender 2.49b is fine.