Cannot reparent to non-render node (SOLVED)


I am getting started with Panda3D and was trying a little experiment using the models provided by the sample applications.

I tried this to show two models and it works

    def loadModels(self):
        self.panda = loader.loadModel("models/panda-model")

        self.sun = loader.loadModel("planet_sphere")
        self.sun_tex = loader.loadTexture("sun_1k_tex.jpg")
        self.sun.setTexture(self.sun_tex, 1)
    #end loadModels()

I see the panda and next to it the sun object. However, if I change the last line to


then the sun does not show up. It is not the relative position, since it is very close to the panda (not inside the panda either). I wanted to do a small test where this sun orbits around the panda (a mix of the panda-walk and the solar system tutorials) but cannot get he sun to become a child of the panda. What am I missing?

EDIT: Found it, I missed that the setScale for the Panda will affect the Sun once it becomes its child, so I couldn’t see the tiny sun (reduced x 200 from its original size).