"Cannot read built/bin/libp3dtool.dll.manifest" when running makepanda

When running makepanda I get this issue. After several hours of searching I’ve found no solution. I’ve tried several versions of Visual Studio and Windows.

C:\Users\jason\TTProj>“makepanda/makepanda” --nothing --use-python --use-direct --use-gl --use-gles --use-gles2 --use-tinydisplay --use-nvidiacg --use-egl --use-zlib --use-png --use-jpeg --use-tiff --use-freetype --use-openssl --use-ode --use-miles --use-fftw
Generating library cache…
Generating dependencies…
[ 2%] Building C++ object built/tmp/dtoolutil_composite.obj
[ 2%] Building C++ object built/tmp/dtool_dtool.obj
[ 2%] Linking dynamic library built/bin/libp3dtool.dll
Creating library built/lib/libp3dtool.lib and object built/lib/libp3dtool.exp
Storing dependency cache.
Elapsed Time: 9 sec
Cannot read built/bin/libp3dtool.dll.manifest
Build terminated.

I think it’s a bad idea to create a Panda3D build on the C disk. You may encounter security problems due to the lack of write rights.

Don’t think there’s any problem with doing it on the C disk. Especially in the user directory.

This is strange. Try deleting the built folder and trying again.