Cannot get info about MouseWatcherRegions

When trying to get information about MouseWatcherRegions, I tried using base.mouseWatcherNode.getGroups() but I got the following SystemError:

SystemError: error return without exception set

Then I tried using base.mouseWatcherNode.getGroup(i), but that raises an AttributeError:

AttributeError: 'panda3d.core.MouseWatcher' object has no attribute 'getGroup'

even though it’s in the API docs.

Happens with Panda 1.10.0 (Panda3D-SDK-1.10.0pre-9868d87.exe).

Thanks for reporting. This happens because get_group() returns a MouseWatcherGroup, but that class is not currently being exposed to Python.

There’s no reason why this class shouldn’t be exposed. I’ve just checked in a change to remedy this.