Can You ...?

ok here it goes. I’m quite new to Panda and the world of programming graphic filled games. Can you sell games you make with ~Panda3D?

Certainly. The only restrictions on redistribution of Panda3D are listed here:

yeah i’ve read it but don’t quite understand. I’m only 13 years old yet i know a lot of different computer language ie: html css php visual basic bit of python bit of c bit of java

No worries, I know lots of younger programmers too. (I’m one myself, being only 16 :wink:)

Soo, there’s no way that I can completely tell you the legalities (as I would be held responsible should someone try to sue you, I can tell you however the basic idea of the license, basically I’m saying I’ll tell you the secret but if you get punched it’s your fault :stuck_out_tongue: hehe)

You can give out the panda3d source code (c++) or binaries (.exe, .dll, .so, etc) as long as you tell users that the official panda3d license is at (or if you copy the license in to a file and ship it with your game)

Basically saying what I said above, you’ve got to tell the user that you used panda3d and that it’s under an open source license. (found at

No posting on your blog that “Disney loves my game!” or saying “Yeah my game was built by Carnegie Mellong University!”
However you can say that your game uses tools developed by Disney or Carnegie Mellong University… (just be careful saying that Disney supports your game about killing other people, or the like :wink:, they will get angry about that)

Panda3d is given to you in an “as-is” state. If you get mental damage or in a car accident or decide to kill yourself because of it, then there is no way that panda3d or anyone who helps build it (Disney, Carnegie Mellong University) will take the blame or pay for your hospital bills.

Other than that, you can indeed sell your video games, the artwork with them (models, textures, music, assuming it’s all yours and non-stolen lol) and ship panda3d’s source code even with your video game (why would you even want to do that?) however you do have to say that you use panda3d somewhere and that you can find the license at

IMO, the license is very simple and has no restrictions I think you would dislike.Unless you’re trying to sue Disney because panda3d gave you mental damage or broke your leg. :open_mouth:

In short: Yes you can sell your games you make with Panda3D. Just include a link to the panda3d license, and no trying to sue someone over your broken leg or mental problem because you will likely never win that case. :unamused:

Hope this helps, remember it’s only my interpretation of the license (and probably many others), however should I have misunderstood anything in there (really, I doubt I did at all) it’s your head, nonetheless.

In layman’s terms, it comes down to this: You can do anything you want with Panda3D, but if you’re going to give the Panda3D libraries to others, you need to make sure that you also put a text file with the licence I just linked you to somewhere.

You’re also not allowed to say that Carnegie Mellon University endorses your product.

And also, you cannot sue Panda3D if you happen to stab your toe while using it.