Can you host the videos in other sites?

Would you mind hosting the tutorial videos in some other sites? (like )

We can not access and in China. :cry:

I had tried to use online Proxy to break the network blocking, however, it does not support video format. :blush:

i could upload them somewhere else. but unfortunately, the videos make heavy use of youtube-annotations to explain the steps taken. so they would be pretty useless without.

pretty much everything i did there can be found in the chicken-exporter manual,too.

if you are going to work with blender 2.5 and the new exporter, the videos wont help you anyway.

sry about that. but i will try to keep that china-blocking-policy-thing in mind for future my work.

After searching in the whole internet with google, I still can not find:

(1) Plugin flow (I can not access
(2) Navigation Mesh Generation Tutorial Part 1
(3) Navigation Mesh Generation Tutorial Part 2

505 505 505 505 505 :cry: