Can YABEE export multiple objects attached to a single armature?

I’ve been trying to export a multi-part lego figure using YABEE, and during the export the model has failed to show up in Pview. I messed with the scale a bit, until I noticed that exporting gave “an unexpected error, see console for traceback,” but when exporting with console open nothing shows up in console. So: is my mesh causing problems with yabee, and even if it’s not is there a way to fix this?

(I’m using blender 7.9)

To start with, for clarity’s sake: Do you mean Blender 2.79? (I’m guessing that this the case, but would like to check.)

As to your question, YABEE should happily export multiple objects operated by a single mesh. (I’m pretty confident that I’ve done it before.)

When you speak of “exporting with console open”, what do you mean? Are you running Blender from a console?

Note that the Python console isn’t the “console” to which it refers, I believe.

I think that under Windows, you might be able to open the console via the “Window” menu. On other operating systems, I’ve seen it suggested that you run Blender from a console.

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Oops, yes, 2.79 XD

Sorry, I meant exporting with the python console open; I tried running blender from window’s console like you suggested and exported my model, and everything went smoothly. I’m a little bit surprised, I haven’t actually heard it suggested to run blender from console before, but it makes sense. I’ll have to start doing that.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Not a problem! :slight_smile:

I actually run Blender from the console as a matter of course–aside from easily seeing any YABEE errors, it also allows me to easily see the output of any custom Blender-scripts that I run (which has become a pretty common practice for me).

When running Blender on Windows, there is an option to open a console window (even if Blender wasn’t launched from the command line).

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