Can we use specular and normal maps?

I know that this is possible with shaders but unfortunately this is too advanced for me to use. Is there any way to use specular and normal maps without having to create a shader?

Also whats the minimum required shader version and graphics card needs to support to use this?

Panda has support for the Cg shader language, which is described in the Panda manual.

A good book on Cg techniques (or a good web reference) can probably get you started. Additionally, pry into the Glow-Filter, Cartoon-Shader, and Normal-Mapping demos to see shaders in action (including the Panda code to load the shader and bind it properly to a texture definition).

Though actually, for the record, there does happen to be a shader-free way to apply a normal map.

First, you have to add tangents and binormals to your model (this step is necessary whether you’re using shaders or not):

egg-trans -tbnall model.egg -o tbn_model.egg

Then you can load it up and apply the normal map directly:

This works without using shaders on most cards, but it consumes two additional texture stages.

For specular maps, sorry. Only answer there is to get familiar with shaders. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Just being able to use normal maps is already a great improvement.