Can someone help me with rendering ? [ I think ]

Hi , i’m kinda new to this whole thing . I’m editing a game called Toontown , and i’m just sorta making my own " land " . So all the Models and stuff are in the files I have on my computer , and i’m confused on how to place that stuff into my land .

This is what confused me . e =


I understand that SetHpr and Setpos are like positioning .

But see …

I’m confused on what to put at the beggining .

I see a few different things …
c = loader.loadModel(“phase_9/models/cogHQ/Elevator.bam”)


mail1 = Actor(“phase_5/models/char/tt_r_ara_ttc_mailbox.bam”,


mgr = loader.loadModel(“phase_13/models/parties/partyMerryGoRound.bam”)

[b]They all have different prefixes I guess ? [ MGR Mail1 ,c= ] So my question is , how do I do this ? I understand the part where it shows the location of the model or whatever , and the position stuff , but how do I know what to put at the beginning ?

Sorry if my question is worded wrong , or if i’m in the wrong section , I just want some help . :smiley:[/b]

You should really read through the manual, it explains all of this more clearly than you could get from the forum.
Specifically, the section titled “Models and Actors”.

Thank you for the quick responce . I apologize that my thread came out worded so bad , I was in a rush . I’m kinda new to this whole thing . Thank you again .

Edit : Just read through it . I finally understand . Thank you for the help . Very much appreciated .