Can Panda3d's AutoShader reproduce some or all of this look?

Hey guys, long time no see, anyway, I am currently working on making my submission for Magical Girl Game Jam 3 a polished release, and I just played this game I found on nintendo’s eShop on sale earlier this month, I liked the look of the game but the gameplay does not appeal to me (laughs), anyway here is a snapshot edit I made.

the character looks like if she was made of some kind of glass or porcelain, so I was wondering if Panda’s AutoShader can replicate some or all of this look (especially the hair), the hair looks like the dark areas are illuminated with white light, it reminded me of the 9th post here in the thread in the link.

I gave it a try (not the suggestion in the link as it requires a custom shader), and manage to get a plastic look with tweaking with the shininess, but that is about it, I am willing to try any suggestions, thank you all.

So after doing so research I learned that the autoShader can be mixed with custom shaders, so I went ahead toke and applied ynjh_jo’s shader in the post to my game, I had to tweak it a bit to run without the ball but finally got it to work, the shader is nice and gives a holographic effect found in IRL Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Here is a picture.
Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 12.34.06 AM
Sadly I do not have jnjh_jo’s permission to use this shader, so I will keep this thread up for a alternative, hopefully one that uses panda3d’s auto shader that can emulate the look in the picture.

Edit: to those who are interested, I will post the shader mod below if you wish to try it out. (26.7 KB)


I think the effect shown in the screenshot is some kind of rim lighting or fresnel effect, in case that helps your search.

Could be this be achieved with panda3d’s autoshader (shader generator)? or do I have to find custom shaders for fresnel shading?

I may be mistaken, but having thought about it a little I don’t see a straightforward way of doing this with the auto-shader.

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hmm, okay, I guess that answers my question then, I really like jnjh_jo’s shader, I guess I can run with it’s look since my game is a free game for the time being, thanks, maybe if I can learn how to, I can design my own shader but I only know basic python (laughs).

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If you have the time I’d encourage you to give shaders a shot (even if you don’t start with this particular one). You never know, you may find that you like them!

do you have to write it in a specific programming language? something custom to panda3d?

There are a few shader-languages, none of which are specific to Panda3D, I believe. (Although Panda3D does provide some handy conveniences for shader-coding.)

I believe that Panda supports two languages, specifically, CG and GLSL, with the latter being the recommended choice.

There’s a fair chunk of information in the manual, although it does assume that one has learned the fundamentals of shaders from elsewhere.

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hmm, okay I guess since the shader I am using is Cg, I might look into that, anyway thank you for the help

Not a problem! Good luck with your delving into shaders! :slight_smile:

wow is it complex, beyond me at this time, but thanks to your tutorial I have managed to make some modifications to the shader I have, like control the lighting, so thanks

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It’s my pleasure; I’m glad to have helped, and that you’ve made progress. :slight_smile:

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