Can Panda3d do 4K 60fps render pipeline?

You’d probably want check out Forza horizon 5 or even the minimum or recommended specs or should I provide these details you can probably just predict something from the specs

According to the benchmarks I’ve seen, FH5 runs at 70 - 80 FPS average on an RTX 3080 with maximum settings at 4k.

A game’s minimum spec requirement is in no way related to 4k performance with high settings.

Oh… Ok I’m not a game professional in performance but I own FH5 on my xbox. It’s just saying that if you have a 4K Tv you can play at 4K 60fps UHD

Ok thank you so much but I don’t know how to implement 4k 60fps RP , but are you saying that if your computer has performance and a good cpu plus gpu then it’ll run at 4k 60fps is that what your saying

I highly doubt it, with the specs given. If you Google around for that video card’s performance, you will find it cannot run most modern games, even older ones, at even close to 60 fps at 4K resolution. 4K is very demanding and rendering a moderate complexity scene with a complete modern graphics pipeline on it at 60 fps requires an absurd amount of processing power. You would have to strongly reduce the quality of effects for that to be attainable with an older card like the GeForce 970.

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what do you mean by @rdb?

In short, I believe that rdb is saying that the hardware that you described is unlikely to run a game at 60fps 4K (whether using Panda or another engine), at least without significantly reducing the quality of the effects used. 60fps 4K with decent effects calls for more powerful hardware.

I think your question is fully answered by the theory of relativity.