Can not see more objects from my 3Dmax model than "Geom

My problem: Using 3Dmax 6 exporting my model to *.x and then using x2egg converter to make *.egg files objects are collapsed to one object --> “GeomNode”

I have had this problem a few times and can not seem to figure out why it happens. I have made a race track as a model, which consist of various objects like “Ground”, “Track” and “StartLine” to name a few. In order to make the right collision detection I need to make use of some of the objects but the only object I can find is the “GeomNode” object.

I have had the same issue with other tracks and sometimes it has helped adding a few extra objects to the track - don’t ask me why that works.

Any suggestions or help out there?

Two points.

  1. If you are importing the model from .x format as an animated character (x2egg -a “name”, or implicitly if the .x file has any channels in it), Panda will automatically optimize the model for animation. One of the optimizations is to collapse everything down into one node, which is usually fine for an animated character. (If you actually need it to be an animated character with multiple sub-parts, egg-optchar can be used to expose the parts that you need.)

  2. If you are not importing it as an animated character, and the 3DSMax exporter did not write bogus animation channels into the .x file, then Panda will load the model as a static model, which will (generally) preserve each in the egg file as a separate node. Examine your egg file. Are the polygons distributed into separate groups, or all they all in the same group? If they are all in the same group, probably they are also all in the same group in the x file, which means probably the 3DSMax exporter wrote them out that way.